Call us to inquire about achieving 10+ % yield on notes secured by real property. This is a high-yield, secure and proven investment strategy.


Due to our nationally-based lender relationships, we offer distressed real estate assets for purchase with attractive yield and equity positions. Please contact us to discuss your note purchase requirements. We offer purchase opportunities in the areas of individual notes or pools of non-performing notes both residential and commercial. We also offer pools of REO residential properties.


We are a principal buyer of defaulted mortgage assets. We also use our established network of institutional buyers to broker note pools that don’t fit with our established criteria. We offer lenders timely analysis, evaluation, purchase and funding of non-performing residential notes secured by real property.

We seek to conduct workouts with the borrowers that encourage reinstatements, re-financing, and home ownership retention whenever possible.


If you have a question about a loan that is managed by Ancona Systems Notes Division, please call us at 650-358-9700. It’s our pleasure to have you as a customer.

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Ancona Systems, Inc. has access to a variety of notes and REO properties. Please call us at 650-358-9700 x205 or email at info@anconasystems.com to inquire about your notes or property requirements.

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Ancona Systems, Inc. works with leading law offices in assisting clients with modifications of their primary residence mortgage. If you have a problematic mortgage and would like to retain ownership, our attorneys are experts at negotiating a win-win solution with the lenders. Currently our attorneys are having success with interest rate reduction, conversion to fixed loans and in some cases, principal reductions.

Short Sales

Our associates are experts in negotiating winning solutions with lenders on equity-poor real estate investments. If you have little or no equity and would like to sell your home, call for a no-cost evaluation of your situation. We have extensive experience in crafting a solution that will provide the lender with a proposal that meets their needs and allows the borrower to get on with their life.

Call 650-358-9700 for more information.

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Our traditional business involves recommending efficient, cost effective and state of-the-art data and voice networking solutions. This may include a combination of networking hardware, Telco voice, data, and IP services, as well as a wide range of professional services including design, implementation and support.

Please call 650-358-9700 for more assistance.


Some Words From Our Clients

“In our dealings, John Martin has exhibited qualities of forthrightness, professionalism and integrity which has helped contribute to these successful investments. I appreciate my role as primary banker to John Martin of Ancona Systems, and I look forward to many successful investments in the years to come”.

John Roach, Loan Consultant, Countrywide Financial Services

“John is a standup investor, always impressing me with his ability to quickly analyze, price and manage deals. It is always a pleasure to do business with John, and I look forward to many more future deals to come.”

Spencer Bunting, Managing Member, Spearhead Capital LLC

“Our company started an ISP sixteen years ago, using Ancona Systems as the primary equipment supplier and as a consultancy.

We were very happy with the pricing and support provided, and in the past six years used their services to upgrade to high-speed Internet service using AT&T.;

Ancona Systems did a great job negotiating pricing for us, and have even been attentive to support details through the initial installation, and later through a significant system upgrade of services (increase of capacity).”

Dr. David Retz, President, Comware International, Inc.

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